Things I Do

Random Projects

2016, 2018: Pythontutor and Snakify, sites that help pupils and students in Britain, India, Russia etc. learn Python.

2018: L****a at Rostelecom.

2016: Commuter’s alarm app for sleeping in public transport.

2015: Kontador, an iPhone app for cyclists.

Capture the Flag

CTF is a great way to teach people the fundamental basics of computing—from programming to OS architecture to modern web-development.

Since 2018 I work on Ugra CTF with talented folks at [team Team], designing everything (badges, scoreboards, landing pages...) and creating tasks.

I also teach CTF for beginners at Moscow Polytech. Guest lectures are welcome, just drop me a line.

I am on CTFtime.


I play and write music. There are some pieces on Bandcamp.

Always looking for a jam session!

Everything Else

From time to time I design posters and stuff.

Instagram Stories! (Now self-hosted)

Random Advice

If I were you, I would...

But what do I know, right?